1. · Development of Portfolio Optimisation Heuristics (DSTG, 2021-23, $156K)

  2. Co-evolutionary Computational Intelligence (DSTG, 2020-22, $196K)

  3. Smart Shepherding for UxV Swarm Control (DSTG, 2021-22, $160K)

  4. · Distributed Symbolic-Non-Symbolic Context-Aware Swarm Logics (Office of Naval Research Global, 2019-21, $625K)

  5. Intelligent Algorithms for Portfolio Selection in Future Force Design (DSTG, 2019-21, $320K)

  6. Evolutionary Frameworks for Dynamic Big Optimisation Problems, UNSW Rector’s start-up grant, $50K

  7. Distributed Context-Awareness for Multi-Agent Systems and its Application to Military Land Vehicles (DSTG , 2018, $20K)

  8. Distributed Symbolic-Non-Symbolic Context-Aware Swarm Logics (DSTG, 2018, $5,750)

  9. Development of Parallel Evolutionary Algorithms for Big Optimisation Problems, NVIDIA GPU Grant (2017, Nvidia Titan Xp graphics card ~=A$1950)

  10. Intrusion Detection with Evolutionary Algorithms, the Australian Centre for Cyber Security Research Funding Program (2015, A$50K).

Awards and Scholarships

  1. Mohamed, R.E., Hunjet, R., Elsayed, S. and Abbass, H., 2021, November. Deep Learning For Noisy Communication System. In 2021 31st International Telecommunication Networks and Applications Conference (ITNAC) (pp. 40-47). IEEE. [best student paper award]

  2. Winner of the IEEE WCCI/CEC 2020 Competition on Niching Methods for Multimodal Optimization (Ahrari A; Elsayed S; Sarker R; Essam, D.)

  3. Winner of the GECCO 2020 Competition on Niching Methods for Multimodal Optimization (Ahrari A; Elsayed S; Sarker R; Essam, D.)

  4. Winner of the IEEE-CEC2020’s Competition “Real-Parameter Numerical Optimization".

  5. Winner of the IEEE-CEC2016’s Competition “Real-Parameter Numerical Optimization".

  6. Winner of the IEEE-CEC2014’s Competition “Real-Parameter Numerical Optimization".

  7. UNSW Publication Fellowship (SEIT, UNSW Canberra)

  8. Winner of the IEEE-CEC2011’s Competition “Testing Evolutionary Algorithms on Real-world Numerical Optimization Problems”

  9. High Impact Journal Publications (as a top-up scholarship, (SEIT, UNSW Canberra)

  10. Postgraduate Research Support Scheme (PRSS) funding

  11. Ph.D. scholarship – TFR funded from UNSW Canberra

  12. Best Teaching Assistant (Faculty of Computers and Informatics, Zagazig University, Egypt, 2005).

  13. Prominent undergraduate student award: Offered by Zagazig University for three consecutive years