Research Supervision and Mentorship

Future Students

Scholarships of $35,000 (AUD) are available for PhD students who achieved H1/High Distinction in their UG program and/or have completed a Masters by Research. If you are interested, contact me at

The candidate has to meet all the UNSW requirements. More information can be found on

Current Research Candidates

    1. Reem Sherif (PhD – area: Intelligent Approaches for Swarm Guidance)

    2. Setyo Tri Windras Mara (PhD – area: Optimisation of Electric Vehicle Routing Problems with Drones)

    3. Tanvir Islam (M. Sc. – area: Machine Learning for Energy Demand Prediction)

    4. Dyuti Paul (M. Sc. – area: Artificial Intelligence for Energy Consumption in Electric Vehicle)

Past Research Candidates

  1. Kangjing (Jenny) Li (PhD.: Landscape-based Evolutionary Algorithms for Dynamic Optimization Problems) (supervisor - Completed 2022)

  2. Dr Md Forhad Zaman (Ph.D.: Power Generation Planning Using Evolutionary Algorithms) (Completed 2017)

  3. Mr Ismail Ali (M. Sc.: Evolutionary Optimisation for Scheduling Problems) (Completed June 2016) - received the outstanding thesis in an IT topic award (UNSW Canberra, 2016 )

  4. Dr Eman Hasan Samir (Ph.D.: Decomposition based Evolutionary Optimisation) (Completed 2014).

Current Post-docs mentorship

  1. Dr Ehab Elfeky

  2. Dr Mohamed Radwan

  3. Dr Kangjing Li

  4. Dr Tung Nguyen

  5. Dr Jing Liu

Past Post-docs mentorship

  1. Dr Kyle Harrison – is currently a Lecturer at the University of New Castle, Australia

  2. Dr Ali Ahrari – is currently a post-doc (and an ARC DECRA Fellow) at UNSW, Australia

  3. Dr Heba Elfeky– is currently a Lecturer at UNSW, Australia

  4. Dr Essam Debie – is currently a post-doc at UNSW, Australia

  5. Dr Md Forhad Zaman – is currently an Advisor with IP Australia

  6. Dr Hatem Saad– is currently working at the University of Canberra